I prefer strollers that include (apart from the conventional stroller) the infant car seat. You have to consider its weigh, how it’s fold, adjustable handles (and check for cup holders too). They range from simple, low-cost strollers to high-end strollers loaded up with many features. If models, options and features drive you crazy, you’re at the right place!

Below you will find valuable tips with regards to choosing a stroller based on your and your baby’s needs:

Stroller safety

Stroller safety is of high importance so make sure your stroller frame locks into position, with a mechanism that’s easy to handle in order to prevent it from collapsing accidentally while carrying your kid. Moreover, it is important to check for sharp edges or protrusions, as small fingers or toes can get pinched by uncovered springs or caught between metal parts. Look for strollers that have been certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) and meet current safety standards.

Easy folding

Standard strollers come in many different styles, however, their most important feature is a comfortable seat, that can recline into various positions. There is a great variety of strollers, some position the baby looking either forward, while others position the child looking back. Some have sunshades and storage areas below the seat, that can be placed wherever you prefer.

Your baby needs a seat that can recline to a flat position until they can sit up by themselves. Even for toddlers, a reclining seat is a plus for napping. Choose a seat recline mechanism that is easy to use, and you can still handle it even single-handed.

Car-seat stroller frames are a good option as they carry specific car seat. They are quite convenient when you need to remove the car seat and take a sleeping baby out of the car. They are easy to fold up and can be placed in the trunk of your car.

Brake use

Choose a stroller that’s easy to operate, even if you are wearing open-toed shoes. You can always test them in the store. Go for the one that has the wheels that lock as soon as you engage the break. Moreover, decide if you want brakes that lock both back wheels at once, or do so individually.

Stroller’s weight

Lightweight strollers usually weigh 12 pounds or less and fold up efficiently. These strollers may not be very adjustable and do not have much padding, however they are usually cheaper than models with more features. They’re usually better for older babies and toddlers but it’s important to check the manufacturer’s age recommendation. You can always use them for traveling or as backup strollers. The majority of them aren’t for infants because they don’t offer full head support or they don’t recline.

 Travel Systems

Travel systems combine a stroller and a car seat, making it convenient for you to use the system throughout infancy and toddlerhood. You can use the car seat, as well as a stroller, for easy transport.

This all-inclusive system is a value for money. In addition, it offers a good coverage from the elements and thus, smooth ride. 



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