It is one of the most useful skills for busy mums and make or break their day. Here are some tips that help for better time management skills amongst busy mums.

  1. Always have a plan- Always make sure to establish some sort of a rough plan for the day, before going starting your day. Use physical planners or virtual ones to plan out your day task by task. If you think a day to day plan is not working, then you can always work with a plan for an entire week and add your creative thoughts to this planning to make more efficient.
  2. Make lists- Make a list of things you have to do in one particular day/week and keeping crossing of those things once done. This practice will make sure you do not miss out on a task and also will motivate you to finish your tasks as fast as you can.time management
  3. Assign times- Assign blocks of time to each task on your list and make sure that you finish that task within that period of time. If your job is unpredictable and you’re not sure what to do when, start with block scheduling for your time at home. For extra motivation and assistance, use a timer.
  4. Multi-task- Multi-tasking can be a great way of saving up time. Do things like cooking once every day and adding some extras, so your one-time meal can serve you twice. Try cleaning the house or catching up on work when doing the laundry. Women are known to be natural multi-taskers and you should you use your innate talent to its full efficiency.
  5. Stick to good habits- Make sure you and your entire family practices good habits such as, always putting things back in the same place they are picked from, or rinsing one’s own dinner plate after eating, always keeping the house tidy and clean. The practice of these habits, can save you a ton of time.
  6. No phone addiction- Do not spend long hours chatting or surfing the net on phone. Mindlessly scrolling through social media cannot make you realise how fast time flies by. Try and avoid your phone as much as possible and stay focused on your real life tasks and chores.
  7. Do the worst things first- Instead of starting with the easy things first, do the tasks you dislike the most when you have the energy and motivation and then slowly move down the ladder to easier tasks.
  8. Say no- Saying no is vital to make sure your schedule is simple and easy to stick to. If you have too many commitments, you will find it hard to finish your tasks and stick to those commitments and might end up doing nothing.
  9. Decide place for your “defaults”-Assign a place in the house for your laundry, have a meal component in the pantry where the kids can go pick a snack, instead of pestering you to feed them. Have an extra pair of clothes, a few granola bars in your car.
  10. Relax, sleep and have fun- The most important of all, do not forget to get proper rest, have enough sleep, spend quality time with your family and have fun. These are the most important things in life and everything else is secondary.


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