Being a stay-at-home parent is an all-day work. Sadly, it doesn’t accompany a full paycheck. Subsequently, it can be hard for a few families depending on only one salary to make a decent living or have savings.

However, there are many ways for homemakers to earn additional money to supplement the family budget without going out or sacrificing time with the children. Here are some ways to make money that can be pursued by staying at home. The earnings are good, but not every opening you receive might be right for you. In some of these jobs you can earn millions by the turn of the year you and possibly even thousands – of pounds.

  1. Take surveys – Taking surveys online can be a fast approach to procure enough to afford a few extra things for your household. There are different polls available online which awards points for completing online surveys, which usually take five to twenty five minutes to complete. The people taking these surveys can accumulate all the points earned and can redeem gift cards for leading stores such as Starbucks, Amazon, H&M, etc.
  2. Become a blogger – Blogging can be a potential source of income for someone who is a stay at home mom. When you are running around taking care of your kids, you can spend your time writing on a blog of your interest. Think of an innovative and creative topic which you re passionate about and which can get you followers and begin writing about the same. The more creative, innovative, original and entertaining you are, the more following you gain and it is important for you to have a large online following to make money out of blogging.
  3. Freelance – If you have a talent for writing, consider being a freelance writer. There are plenty of media houses and online websites which look for freelancers with fresh content. You can team up with one of those agencies and be a writer. Being a freelance writer will you give you the freedom of selecting your own work timings and you can finish your wok from your house. Mother holding baby and typing on laptop computer in kitchen.
  4. Sell your pictures – If you have a good hand with the camera; sell your pictures to magazines or If your pictures re accepted by them, you can £1 to £120 for every image download.
  5. Home kitchen – Love baking? Sell your baked goods to make that extra cash. Have a pop store in your house where you can sell your baked goods such as cookies, cupcakes, cakes, etc.  This will not take too much of your time in a week, and requires minimum investment. The main key for this to advertise your home pop-up store efficiently to make maximum profits.


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