How to teach your kids to be confident.


Confidence is one of the trickiest concepts to teach your children. Kids who are confident feel happier, sleep better, have more positive connections with other people and also have better grades than others. Find here some tips to raise a more confident child:

 Appreciate effort no matter if they win or lose

Teach your child that he/she should never be embarrassed of trying, even if they fail. Applaud your child’s effort as consistently trying hard will build more confidence than occasionally doing well. Always remember that, the journey is more important than the destination.

 Let them figure out problems by themselves

Don’t put too much pressure on your kids when encouraging to practice whatever they’re interested in. Most importantly don’t do the hard work for your child as they have to figure out problems on their own. Putting as much effort they can, will eventually build their confidence. “Parental help can prevent confidence derived from self-help and figuring out on the child’s own,” Pickhardt explains.

It’s better for them to get a few B’s and C’s rather than straight A’s, as they are actually learning how to solve the problems on their own. Offer your help and support, but not too much of it!

Let them act their age

Don’t expect your child to behave like an adult. Unrealistic standards may discourage their efforts and reduce confidence.

Encourage curiosity

Children may ask seemingly endless streams of questions but they should be encouraged as it is vital for a child’s development because it means they realize that there so many things that are left unexplored.

At school, children from families that have encouraged curiosity have an edge over the rest of their classmates because they’ve been used to taking in information from their parents. They learn better and faster!

Give them new challenges

Teach your kids to break their goals into smaller, manageable steps. This will make goal setting a fun and simple process!

Never criticize their performance

You can gain nothing by criticising you child’s efforts. It will eventually discourage them from trying new things, as they will be scared to fail because they will worry that you will be disappointed. Their self-value and motivation will be negatively affected so just provide useful feedback and make suggestions.

Treat mistakes as building blocks for learning

Teaching your kids that learning from their mistakes is an opportunity to learn and grow. There’s no need to be over-protective of them. Allow them to make mistakes and make them understand how they could better perform a task next time.

Don’t allow them to escape reality by spending all their time on the internet

It’s easy to live in a bubble created by social media, so don’t allow you child to hide behide a computer screen. Encourage them to interact with people in the real world.



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