Busy mums: 7 Self-care tips and ideas for working mothers.

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Being a working mother isn’t easy. Busy working moms need all the advice they can get when it comes to self-care. Deep inside you know that it should be a priority, but your job, cooking, school drop-offs, and other responsibilities, the family’s needs will always come before your own personal time. Here’s my 7 tips on how to balance motherhood, work, and self-care because you can’t give your family 100 percent if you don’t balance work-life and feel your best physically and mentally.


Get your mind awake before your body

Spend some time in the morning to meditate yourself, you won’t be disappointed. Take an intentional pause in order to make any “mental modifications” before you get out of bed. This daily habit will soon make a big difference in the interactions with your family and colleagues.


Don’t ignore your beauty routine; just simplify it.

When you look good, you also feel good, so you shouldn’t completely ignore your regular beauty routine. Why not finding a haircut you can style easy and quickly? Maybe something like a long-term style like balayage highlights that grow out evenly and require less maintenance. Dry shampoos like Batiste are also a must!


Multitask while working out.

Exercising is a common challenge when it comes to self-care for working moms. You can plan the day ahead on runs or even quick walks to work. It can be tricky to fit in a workout, but where there’s a will, there’s always a way!

Include you kids in workouts in order to spend some parent-child quality time. 
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Get familiar with self-care apps.

It’s all about the apps for working mothers. For example, Headspace is a game changer. Moreover, MyFitnessPal is a fitness app that based on your lifestyle and needs, creates a healthy routine. Another recommended app is Zeel, as it allows you to book an at-home massage anytime you want!


Find fun activities that could also be good workouts.

Just make things you love to keep you sane. Play your favourite sport once or twice week as a workout. If you are traveling most of the time, getting in a workout is a must.

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Make a “relaxation corner” in your bedroom.

A rule for maintaining a self-care routine when being a working mom is to make it simple, easy and flexible. Make a ‘relaxation corner’ in your bedroom that will have your accessories, essential oils, self-treatment tools, a scented candle, a plant, maybe a yoga mat and other stuff that will allow you to take a mini break from being a working mom.

A massage can make all the difference.

Even a short 90-second face massage or pop-in to a local reflexology centre can make all the difference between a stressful, full-of-anxiety day versus a relaxing evening. Massage releases tension as it improves circulation. It helps you to relax as you sleep better afterwards and feel refreshed in the next morning. 


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