Working mothers are some of the hardest working people on the planet and we deserve more gratitude than we are ever going to receive. Here are 5 of the most awesome facts I could find regarding us super working mums!


  1. We Work More Hours Than The Average Big Company CEO

 According to a Harvard University Study the average large company CEO works an average of 62.5 hours a week which is quite a lot. But if you look at work and family commitments then working mums can clock a whopping 98 hours per week so it’s no wonder you feel that utter and constant exhaustion! So when you see that an average CEO earns over £120,000 and mostly we would be lucky to earn a quarter of that it really shows working mums to be complete superheroes!

  1. We Have A Huge List Of Tasks Before Even Leaving The House 

It’s the truth that as well as the amount of hours we put in it’s also the enormous number of small tasks we continually have to be on top of, we can see that we have 43 tasks on average before even getting to work and it’s not like all of this is routine (although much of it is) we are reacting to the emotions and failings of children, who get upset, forget things, need reassurance and reminders! We are constantly fighting fires (hopefully not literally) and reacting to whatever chaos is going on!

  1. The Job Of Organising Children Is The Equivalent of Being Someone’s PA!

 The fact is that children bring a huge amount of admin, it’s equivalent to being PA to a spoilt Hollywood superstar sometimes. There’s the clothes the social life, entrainment (all those expensive cinemas, soft plays, swimming etc!) gift buying for all those birthday parties they seem to have to attend! All this and you’ve got to put in the hours to ensure they do well at school which is a hugely time-consuming task, and we know we’ll do it because it’s worth it and they’re worth it!

  1. More Working Mums Is Better For The Economy

 More working mothers is actually a good thing for economic output it is said that we lose a huge amount of skills and productivity after women have children and this is meaning our economy lags behind in certain ways. If we could provide more affordable child-care and allow mothers into the workforce it would be good for society at large. 

  1. Working Mums Are Role Models And Their Kids Do Better

Research shows that having a working mother as a role model is beneficial to children’s upbringing with it showing that, “Girls whose mums weren’t working at all in the first five years of their life were twice as likely to have behavioural problems at age 5”. It is surely better for both girls and boys to see an equal share of household, financial and parenting responsibilities between both parents.

So hold your heads up high working mothers, you are amongst the hardest working and spectacular human beings on the planet!


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