Sometimes it can be said that busy working mothers are superheroes given our huge workload! But just for fun, why not consider what super powers would actually come in handy for the scary, demanding  an often perilous world of modern mothering!


  1. Invisibility

This one really is a no-brainer, we are already pretty adept at finding a great hiding place (come on, confess, we’ve all got them) especially when we hear the battle cry of one or more mini-mes calling, “MUUUUUUUUM…can I”. We can take a great example of this from Sue Storm from the Fantastic Four who is known as ‘The Invisible Woman’ which is great for crime fighting etc, but imagine the look of a small child who thinks they’ve found you wandering into the room then puzzled as they were sure mum was just here waiting to serve them!


  1. Flying

 What’s one of the most challenging things about being a mum, it’s got to be mornings and the dreaded school run! But to be honest it’s even getting to that stage with all the breakfasting, dressing and washing! But what if we can cut out the traffic jams and finding a parking space, just grab them kids and whoosh up Supergirl Style landing right at the class line precisely at bell time!


  1. Mind Control 

Now surely the most irritating thing about children is that they have those pesky minds of their own! Wouldn’t it just be great if we could alter their minds to be more compliant and do exactly as they are told. Now mind control would be the ultimate parenting superpower then, it would create a perfect  little army of servants just waiting to serve you and do the housework. OK so this might usually be a super power more associated with super villains but we’re all allowed a little dark moment now and again, right?


  1. Healing Powers

Superheroes who can heal others now that’s a power we could definitely us as mothers! I mean it’s probably true we won’t be making the most extensive use of these powers so rather than attending massive accidents and tragedies we’d be attending to scraped knees, boo-boos and bumped heads, but as you know these can seem like the end of the world at the time!


  1. Freezing Time

Now the Holy Grail of being a mum is surely finding that all too elusive me time? If you could stop time what would you do? I bet before having kids there would all sorts of grand ambitions of travelling and going into secret places etc but these days I think we’d all just use it to chill out, watch a bit of TV and have a glass of wine, or 5, we can even keep time frozen till we’d had a good night’s sleep as well!

Now obviously we really love the little darlings, but we really know somehow they’d penetrate our superhero sanctuary, they always find a way, don’t they? But that’s the paradox of parenting, we continually want to be left alone for 5 minutes while simultaneously never wanting them to leave.


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