Having a successful career as a Mum, from some of what you read this may seem like mission impossible, but don’t despair, there are certain ways to ensure career success and be a successful Mum at the same time. This guide will get through what you need to know.


  1. Do make sure you know your household budget. This is essential and take into account all your household incomings and outgoings as they currently stand and see whether your household budget ‘balances’ or not and how much you need to make in your job or career.
  2. Don’t forget how working will affect the above budget, for example what childcare costs will you incur and how will any changes in income affect benefits you are currently receiving, you can check this with a handy online calculator.
  3. If you have a current career or job do research if there are opportunities to work from home, keep family friendly hours or go part-time. If you ask your current employer they may be surprisingly accommodating and the worst that can happen is they say no.
  4. Don’t fall for some of the various work from home scams that are continuously advertised as if they were real jobs. You could end up making far below the minimum wage or even worse end up owing your ’employer’ for stock or work resources.
  5. Do think about your household as a whole, if you have a partner then see if there is a possibility you could both work part-time and share child care commitments.
  6. Don’t take on a job if it’s going to negatively impact your personal life, remember if all you do is work, domestic chores and childcare life could get very depressing, don’t forget about you time!
  7. Do consider the possibility of self-employment, if you run a home business then it can be done on your timetable around your other commitments and there are a huge array of possibilities.
    8. Don’t forget if working from home to neglect the fact to socialise and see other people, take breaks and meet with friends, it will actually help your productivity in the long term.
    9. Do consider routes back into work if you’ve been out a while, volunteering opportunities can give you a good experience and a recent referee and can even give the possibility of paid positions in those organisations.
    10. Don’t forget to use your contacts, I bet you have loads of ex-colleagues and friends in your chosen industry it’s been sad that a huge amount of jobs are never even advertised so dust off that address book and get cracking.
    11. Do stay confident, especially if you’ve had a career before being a Mum don’t just settle for a minimum wage job if you’re experienced and qualified for more, there’s not quite as many opportunities but more and more companies are cashing in on qualified, experiences parents who have the skills ready for use.
    12. Don’t worry it’s not as scary as it seems and especially after a gap in employment it may take a few tries to get into the swing of applications and interviews etc, but you’ll still get there! Just stay positive.


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