My Introduction to the World of E Cigarette Use.
March 25, 2014

25032014-17Living here on Tenerife is akin to living in a smoker’s paradise. While EU anti-smoking laws have made inroads over the last few years, no smoking in public buildings or bars and restaurants allowed. Things are still a lot different to the UK. Most bars and restaurants include open air terraces where smokers can sit and enjoy a pint or meal in the warm evening air without feeling totally ostracised from society. Continue reading “My Introduction to the World of E Cigarette Use.”

Reasons why more and more smokers are turning to e cigarettes
March 17, 2014

17042014-38E cigarettes were invented in 2003, by a Chinese pharmacist known as Hon Lik. These cigarettes have gained popularity worldwide since they were first commercially launched in China in 2004. An electronic cigar is a long-shaped tube, that looks and feels like the normal cigarette. The main difference is that it does not contain tobacco. Instead, it has an e-liquid known as liquid nicotine.

Although E cigarettes look and feel like traditional cigarettes, their features are totally different. The features of these cigarettes basically consist of a vaporisation chamber (atomiser), battery, and a cartridge that holds the e-liquid. As the vaper (smoker) puffs on this device, the nicotine liquid turns to nicotine vapour as the battery heats it. The nicotine vapour is what the vaper inhales and exhales when vaping (smoking). The vapour evaporates almost immediately after it is exhaled.

Today, there are different types of electronic cigars on sale in local stores and online. The oldest type is a three-piece kit that consists of a battery, atomiser, and a cartridge. The other is a two-piece kit that includes a battery and a cartomiser. The batteries of these two types are rechargeable and the e-liquid can be refilled. The latest type is a one-piece device that comes with an already charged battery. The other name for this one-piece device is disposable e-cigar. This device is disposed after use.

As mentioned earlier, electronic cigars contain e-liquid instead of tobacco. The e-liquid consists of concentrated flavours, liquid nicotine concentrate, propylene, and vegetable glycerin. The e-liquid comes in various nicotine strengths. Nicotine concentrations may range from zero to very high. Low nicotine concentrations range from 4mg to 18mg while very high concentrations range from 25mg to 36mg. Zero concentration means that the e-liquid is nicotine free. The e-liquid also comes in various flavours such as menthol, peppermint, and vanilla, among others.

There are numerous reasons why millions of smokers today prefer vaping instead of smoking traditional cigars. Firstly, traditional cigarettes are made from tobacco; a substance that contains more than 4,000 chemicals that are harmful to the body. Tobacco has been associated with pneumonia, throat cancer and lung cancer, among other diseases. E cigars do not contain tobacco and are not therefore as harmful to the health of the user as ordinary cigarettes.

Electronic cigars produce vapour instead of smoke, they do not contain tar, and they do not emit any odour. Since they do not produce any ash, one does not require an ashtray. As a result, they can be smoked anywhere, even in non-smoking zones.

E-cigars are cheaper than traditional cigarettes. Once a smoker has invested in the starter kit, the monthly costs of vaping are almost half compared to tobacco cigarettes. All he needs is to refill the e-liquid when it runs out and change the battery and cartridge once in a while. For example, one disposable e-cigar is equivalent to 2 packets of traditional cigars. The vaper is thus able to save thousands of dollars annually.

Electronic cigarettes are automatic; the user does not therefore require a lighter. This reduces the risks of fire caused by tobacco cigars. These cigarettes are friendly to the environment because there is no ash and no cigarette butts to dispose. They also produce vapour instead of carbon monoxide.

Last but not least, e-cigars are a great choice for a person who wants to quit smoking. This is because they do not contain tobacco which causes addiction. In addition, the e-liquid contains different levels of nicotine, making it possible for vapers to gradually reduce their nicotine intake, and eventually quit smoking.

E cigarettes enable vapers to enjoy a puff without the high health risks brought by tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are produced and sold by numerous companies all over the globe. One of the leading manufacturers of these cigarettes is Dansmoke. This company manufactures high quality electronic cigarettes and accessories such as batteries, cartridges, and e-liquid among others. They sell their products online at customer-friendly prices.


E-Cigarettes helped me to quit smoking and helped to save me a load of money too!
January 23, 2014

L1I never thought in my wildest dreams i’d be able to quit smoking as I had previously been a hardcore smoker for 10 years. Pretty much everyday I would smoke a pack of 10 without fail and I thought I would never be able to give up as I had tried countless times in the past but in my misery I had failed every time. Luckily for me I was introduced by a friend to these new e cigarettes, she said that it was exactly like a normal cigarette only without all the badness that came with them. Continue reading “E-Cigarettes helped me to quit smoking and helped to save me a load of money too!”

Electrical smoke
November 20, 2013

Electrical smokeAn electric cigarette produces as much smoke as a regular cigarette. Compared to a regular cigarette, the smoke from an e-cigarette is harmless and does not contain poisonous substances, which you can inhale. What the e-cigarette produces is actually just electric smoke. The smoke is pure water vapor and even if you want to smoke an e-cigarette with flavor, the smoke contains only natural aromas. All those components are completely safe.

Furthermore, you will not expose your surroundings to secondhand smoking. This is also a reason why the electronic cigarette exempt from anti-smoking laws. You only exhale harmless substances.
The electrical cigarette tastes just like a regular cigarette and you can adjust it so you can smoke your preferred amount of nicotine. Continue reading “Electrical smoke”